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This is a virtual download. You will receive two files, one of which will work with Open Office Calc, the other will work with Excel.


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I tend to make bath bombs that involve a lot of separate components, such as embeds, prizes, drizzle, topping and other decoration. In order to price them properly I would often have to treat each separate component as it’s own product, then combine the costs to get my total cost.

To make things easier, I created the Price Your Products calc spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet will help you price your bath products (or any other products that require weighted ingredients) without having to resort to using a calculator or giving yourself a major headache. This sheet is made to work in apache openoffice, which is a free program. and excel (just chose the right file for your program).

The first section will help you work out your batch information. All you do is input your ingredients, their price per kilogram/pound, the amount of items you created from the batch and the spreadsheet will calculate;
The total batch amount in grams or ounces.
The total batch cost in dollars.
The cost of each item you made from the batch.

Give the spreadsheet a little more information, such as the time it took you to make the batch, what your hourly wage is, how much your packaging cost, any other costs you may have incurred and the spreadsheet will tell you;
What your wage is per minute.
What your labour cost per item is.
What your labour + ingredient costs are.
What your labour + ingredient + packaging costs are.
What your labour + ingredient + packaging + other costs are.

Using this information it will also calculate two different pricing structures for you and work out 5 different pricing multipliers. Once that’s done, it will tell you what the profit on each of those pricing structures is.

This makes it easy to select a pricing structure and keep an eye on your profits.

It also includes a Batch Calculator. Just input the ingredient percentages required for your formula, how large you want your batch to be and the calculator will tell you how much of each ingredient you require.

You can print out each page you require after all your details have been inputted and calculated. This way you can staple your costing info together for every item you make and it’s all there, easily accessible, for future reference.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Update Changelog

Version 4.1
Fixed broken multi-component formulas.
Fixed printout sheet batch number lookup formula.

Version 4.2
Added 200 extra ingredients cells.


This is a virtual purchase. You will receive two files, one of which can be opened with Apache Openoffice Calc, the other can be opened with Excel.


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